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Once you have learnt the basics of boat handling and done some practice, the best way to improve your sailing and the pleasure it gives is to join in with the racing.

At its simplest, a race is a group of boats setting off at the same time and following a set course, each going as fast as they can - and the prospect of being involved in that can be daunting. Of course there are rules to make it work better but that can sound scary as well.

When many of our senior sailors started racing (we think Noah had retired a few years before that) they had to buy one of the few books there were and teach themselves.

Nowadays there are special training courses and we offer the RYA Start Racing format at the club. This is delivered by our Training and Development Officers - one a RYA Race Coach and the other a RYA Racing Instructor.

The dates for the course can be found on the Events Page (though they may be adjusted, depending on circumstances).

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Wed 23 Jan 01:30pm: Friday Sailing 13-14 (Friday Afternoon Racing)
Wed 30 Jan 01:30pm: Friday Sailing 15-16 (Friday Afternoon Racing)
Wed 6 Feb 01:30pm: Friday Sailing 17-18 (Friday Afternoon Racing)
Wed 13 Feb 01:30pm: Friday Sailing 19-20 (Friday Afternoon Racing)
Wed 20 Feb 01:30pm: Friday Sailing 21-22 (Friday Afternoon Racing)
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