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Hello, I'm Paul and welcome to Etherow Country Park Sailing Club.

The club is proud to have celebrated its 50th birthday in 2017 and held a series of events for both its members and the general public to celebrate that achievement. We also raised some money for good causes; we’re proud to have contributed to Etherow Park’s defribrillator, and we also made a sizable donation to Prostrate Cancer UK, our chosen charity for the year.

We’re Stockport’s only sailing club. We open our doors to anyone who wants to try sailing and we purposefully keep our membership fees low. We run junior and adult training courses each year, and we actively encourage all our members to join the social events we organise. There’s no reason why you can’t join us to learn to sail, or to improve your ability if you’ve sailed before. We have one of the smallest areas of sailable water anywhere, with some of the most trying wind conditions to be found, meaning that sailing here is a real experience. Learn to sail on Etherow’s waters and you’ll be successful wherever you take your boat afterwards!

We have a keen racing ethos. If you’ve seen our dinghies on the water, it’s likely that you didn’t realise that the boats were racing against each other – they probably seemed to be going in each and every direction at the whim of the person sailing it. Well, they weren’t!  Each race follows a course set around the (fixed) buoys in the lake and usually lasts about 40 minutes; The boats you saw will have been making their way around the course, zig-zagging back and forth to get to the next buoy - zig-zagging because no one can sail a boat directly into the wind. When you’re sailing, getting from A to B frequently does mean going via C, D, E & F! The winner is the first boat to cross the finishing line when time is up and we keep a record of who won each race, who came second etc, etc, and thus we have club champions throughout the year. Presentation night is one of our social highlights.

Sailing is surprisingly active. There’s far more to it than sitting on the gunwale, letting the wind push you gently around the lake. You’re more likely to come off the water pouring sweat, tired, wondering what you did wrong or exhilarated by the speeds you achieved when you got it right and, occasionally, downright pleased that you didn’t capsize!

The club has full changing facilities, a kitchen and a bar, plus a warm clubroom from where you can watch our races during winter’s months. A full social calendar offers plenty of scope to meet other sailors, to share experiences and to make new friends.

I invite you to come and join us. We’re small, local and friendly and we smile a lot. Sailing does that for you.

Paul Reid

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Etherow Country Park Sailing Club is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association who are the governing body for the sport in the UK