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Today is 2 Oct 2014
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Thank you for visiting the website of the Etherow Country Park Sailing Club, the only sailing club in Stockport. Feel free to browse our site and see what we have to offer.

Etherow is a friendly club (when racing we experience good-natured rivalry!) and we welcome everyone: from those who may never have put their foot in a dinghy before, to Olympic team coach. Membership is inexpensive and we have some club boats that can be used, for a nominal charge, during the early stages. There are plenty of boats for sale within the club and elsewhere for very little money.

Great performance at 24 Hour Race

Well done Team Etherow: masses of combined effort resulted in a 17th position finish in the annual 24 Hour Dinghy Race at West Lancs Yacht Club in Southport (Sept 13-14 2014). This was a result the club can be really proud of because it was achieved with a real mix of abilities. Phil Howarth and crew Kay Daniels cross the finish line in 17th position

Our boat ended up ahead of many 'A' Teams from other clubs who had concentrated their best helms and crews to make a bid for glory.

Team Etherow had started with the number 39 and hopes of making up some ground. There was also a determination to give as many people as possible their first taste of the event even though they only learnt to sail on our 2014 Course. To have achieved both objectives is amazing and is a tribute to the attitudes of people within the club. 

Top performing sailors lifted the boat up the order with no complaints when some of their hard-won places slipped as less experienced combinations took to the water.

There were a lot of  'nerves' among those doing the race for the first time - understandable when their first full-on roll tacks happend in the first 15 metres after leaving land. They did their best and thanks to good sailing conditions there were no capsizes (we think all clubs had a clean slate on that one).




Joining in Bart's Bash

Do you recall the last America's Cup and the tragedy when Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Andrew 'Bart' Simpson lost his life when the catamaran he was competing in overturned? In his memory Sir Ben Ainslie CBE and Iain Percey OBE along with Andrew's wife Leah established the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to transform the lives of young people through sailing.

Bart's Bash

It aims to help young people develop the personal skills to suceed in life, and improve access to jobs and careers in the maritime industries.

Bart's Bash is a sailing race that will be run by sailing clubs around the world on behalf of the charity and try to set a World Record in the process. To meet the rules for the record, the race must cover at least a kilometer and take at least 15 minutes. Each person taking part is encouraged to make a donation of at least £5.

Anyone thinking that Etherow is a bit small for such a a distance should realise that just going from the buoy by the clubhouse, round the one at the other end of the lake and back more than qualifies. We also need to get 25 boats taking part - so we will be finding as many craft as we can.

As a club we are registering for the event and even the newest sailors are welcome to take part. Please put your name down on the list and/or respond to the emails being sent out about it.








Disability Awareness Course

The club intends to host a Disability Awareness Training Course on Saturday November 15 at the Clubhouse as part of the development of our status as a Sailability Foundation Centre.

One of our members has already been on the course elsewhere and reports it is suprisingly enjoyable and inspiring, even if the title sounds a bit 'worthy'. There are lots of interactive challenges that really get you thinking and help your general communication skills enormously. It debunks a lot of 'political correctness' and is an absolute steal at £6 for the day - and that includes the documentation and certificate.

We need to have a core of 10 participants for it to be viable and will be inviting people from neighbouring clubs to join in as well. There will be a list up in the clubhouse and any external people should let us know via our Contact Page.


Sailability Foundation Centre

RYA Sailability Foundation Centre PlaqueEtherow Country Park Sailing Club has been approved as a Sailability Foundation Centre which means we are working to open up the sport of sailing to people with diabilities from Stockport and neighbouring areas.

We are affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association, the recognised national body for sailing.

Sailability is the RYA programme  which each year introduces 40,000 adults and children with disabilities to the sport.

Sailing is one of the few sports in which able-bodied and disabled people can compete on equal terms. More information about the programme can be found on the RYA website.

This club has been checked for suitability for offering the programme as signified by the awarding of this status. As sailors we know the joys (and sometimes the frustrations) of enjoying the natural forces of wind and water.

Some people are unable to see the trees in our country park setting, or perhaps never hear the swish and gurgle of the water. They might not be able to move from one side of the boat to the other in a hurry. But there is still a lot they can get from the sport.

We want to work with local organisations to develop our contribution to Sailability and open up more opportunities for those with challenges to build on their abilities. If you are involved in such an organisation, please get in touch by emailing sailabilty at