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Golden Jubilee Special Events

Sunday 3 September   JUBILEE TEAM RACE +Party+Quiz

Teams will compete in a mixture of Wayfarers and Enterprises in what is a relay race for both experienced sailors and novices. It  is also great preparation for the Southport 24 hour race that takes place the following week

The basic rule is that the helm and crew for each boat must be changed every lap and the boats will also alternate so one comes in as the next sets off. The race will last for about two hours and will be followed by a cocktail party and quiz.

This was a fantastic event last time we ran it with about 30 sailors in two teams and an incredibly close finish.

Some of the 54 people who took part


It really seemed impossible even an hour beforehand, but we broke the target of at least 50 people on the water to celebrate our 50th year.

The final turnout was 54 people in boats at the same time - and that was without a number of people who had other commitments.

All those who took part will be named on a commemorative scroll that will be displayed in the club house.

Our image above shows some of those who went out. A particular 'well done' to the helms from our sailing course who managed to navigate a very congested flotilla without incident.

ECPSC Jubile Graphic

See the action here

Now you can catch the action both on our own water and across the oceans of the world thanks to a new page on this site.

Our Videos page (find it under Our Club) features the latest action in top flight sailing events across the globe thanks to World On Water. Episodes change on Friday each week but you can wind back to 2014 using a button in the top left of the video area. You can also expand the video to full screen in HD with the button at the bottom right.

We did have videos on the old website and we will soon have some of that archive available but we need new material . Members are invited to submit their own footage - bearing in mind that it must have the right clearances (eg parental permission where youngsters are featured).

Thank you for visiting the website of the Etherow Country Park Sailing Club, the only sailing club in Stockport. Feel free to browse our site and see what we have to offer.

Etherow is a friendly club (when racing we experience good-natured rivalry!) and we welcome everyone: from those who may never have put their foot in a dinghy before, to Olympic team coach. Membership is inexpensive and we have some club boats that can be used, for a nominal charge, during the early stages. There are plenty of boats for sale within the club and elsewhere for very little money.

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